Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life through my daughter's eyes

I'm beginning to realize that one of the most exciting aspects of parenthood is the ability to re-live my own childhood through my daughter's eyes. I get to help recreate all of the amazing, fun-filled, and exciting memories that my parents created for me, but I also get to shape new experiences for Zoey that I hope she'll look back on one day with happiness and joy.

But I also must be careful not to pigeon-hole Zoey as being one type of kid, or limit the types of activities, experiences and adventures that she gets to explore. For example, I was both a tom-boy and a girl-girly at the same time, if that's possible?! I loved to climb trees, get dirty, build block towers, jump in piles of leaves, collect rocks, and run barefoot through the yard. But I also loved to play with my barbies, dress up dolls, put on makeup, and play house with my sister. I would love for Zoey to be like this too, but I'm sure she'll show us soon enough what toys and activities she likes and prefers.

But one thing is for sure, I really want Zoey to fall in love with Disney movies as much as I do. It's ok if she doesn't become a girl-girl dressed in pink frilly dresses who asks me for a "Princess" themed birthday party, but like it or not I am definitely going to expose her to the wonders of the Disney heroins early on. And to start with, I recently bought her the "Disney Princess Ultimate Song Collection" CD - yay! I played this CD last night during her bedtime routine as I sung her lullabies from my favorite movies, i.e. The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, etc. Maybe one day we'll even get to sing these songs together. : )

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The Pason Family said...

burn a copy for us please! =) Hayden loves Disney but she is a fan of Buzz and Mickey... not so much the whole princess thing... at least not yet