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Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday toes!

I got a pedicure today to celebrate my 31st birthday - some special love for my toes, even opted for the painted flower special. : ) I love getting pampered, but simply can't afford much of it these days. But a few years ago I promised myself that I would never again work on my birthday if I could avoid it, and today was no exception. I got to sleep in a little bit this morning, Leah and Hayden came out to spend the day with me and Zoey, I went for a lovely morning jog on the beach, had family QT at the park with my girls, then went for an afternoon pedicure and Starbucks run. Now ending my day with the Giant's game and a glass of wine. Life is good....savoring and appreciating the little, simple things that make me happy. Here's to another year of life! : )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Optimistic Cal students attend job fair

The UC Berkeley Career Center (and our "Just in Time Job Fair") was featured on ABC 7 news on Wednesday. : )

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Sunday......

Family (cats included!), food, and relaxing FUN! The best kind of Sunday. : )

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just me and my girl!

HAHAHA - Holy Crab! : )

(Just imagine.....this here cat talking w/a Boston accent...LOL!)

"So I’m headin’ down to the packie for a bee-ah, and I take a little shahtcut through the fish mahket. And I’m mindin’ my own business, naht lookin’ fah trouble, when alla sudden, this wicked monstah crab grahbs at me from dis tubbah ice!

Now I’m draggin’ the suckah down the street, shakin’ him offah me, when the Gorton’s Fisherman shows up and tells me I gottah give it bahck, the raht bahstid."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitty Sister Love

Molly and Aimee - kitty sisters, snuggle partners, and best friends for life. : )

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zoey is 6 months old!

Our baby girl turned 6 months old yesterday - wow! She got a clean bill-of-health from the pediatrician, and is now at the 67th percentile for her weight, and 61st for her height! Pretty good for a tiny little preemie baby who was born almost 4 weeks early at just 6lbs, 3.9oz (she weighs 16.7 lbs now!) She is growing fast, learning new skills and talents every week, and just melting our hearts with her cuteness and silliness! Happy half-year baby Zoey! : )
(These are some cute pics taken from my phone over the past few weeks.)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday work humor..

My co-worker and friend Shawna shared this with me and it made me laugh. We can definitely relate as furloughed State/UC employees! Oh well, at least we have jobs right?! Happy Friday everyone. : )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zoey picture of the day!

Enjoying my day home with my baby girl

Sunday, April 4, 2010


As a new mom who's just recently returned to work after a long 5-month maternity leave, I admit that I've been experiencing some guilt related to leaving my daughter. Even though my amazing sister Leah is taking care of Zoey in my absence, I still feel like a "bad mom" at times dealing with the fact that I have to leave her with someone else. I am trying to accept that the working-mom status is my reality whether I like it or not, but it's hard to accept that I'll inevitably miss some of her cutest moments and her developmental "firsts". It is hard to leave her behind, and I truly hope that she doesn't resent me for it someday down the road. Hence my guilt...

But anyhow, I subscribe to this interesting "Work-Life Balance" newsletter, and coincidentally enough the latest edition was focused on the topic of guilt. The timing of its arrival couldn't have been better, and it really spoke to me given my present transition. The concepts in this article can be applied to so many facets of life and different types of guilt that all humans can relate to. Enjoy....I did.

Cancel Your Guilt Trip

(From Work Life Balance:

We all have many “could have, should have” moments in life. “If only I’d done this” or “hadn’t done that”, then things would have been so much better.” Just because hindsight is 100% there is no reason guilt should be. Make sure the lessons from your “If only” moments are learned quickly at the beginning of your guilt trip and then cancel the rest of it - for your benefit and for that of everyone around you. Here’s how. (Reading time 120 seconds).

Recognize That Excessive Guilt Is Counterproductive

The stress caused from guilt is a proven major contributor to physical, mental and emotional deterioration and disease. You know what happens when you are on a constant guilt or stress trip - you get tense, uptight, dull, unfocused, burned out. Your productivity and creativity go down. Obviously not good things!

And yet this type of gnawing guilt is pervasive today – and it unnecessarily distracts and undermines our everyday life. It usually comes in two forms.

Deserved guilt and regret - This is the guilt that is generated from mistakes, slights and poor judgments you’ve made. There is and should be value learned from this type of deserved guilt, to a point. If you’ve made a mistake, guilt helps the lesson sink in. But move that process along. One way to do that is to really focus on it. Face it head on. Admit you screwed up and get it out. It may be helpful to yell or cry about it. Reach out where appropriate to others to apologize or make up as best you can for the mistake.

Then, make sure the lessons are learned. Imbed them in your mind for future avoidance.

Once done you need to shrug off the guilt of your accepted mistake and move on. Just because hindsight is 100% there is no reason guilt should be. Make sure any lessons from your “if only” thoughts are learned at the beginning of your guilt trip and then cancel the rest of it.

The second type of guilt is undeserved self-imposed guilt –This guilt derives from the self-imposed expectations you put on yourself or unreasonable obligations you accept from others.

The most common consequence from this invasive undeserved guilt is the neglect of self. I am consistently told by clients that when they get ready to take a little time focused just on themselves - guilt raises its head and says, “How dare you? You have duties and obligations at work, commitments, family members depending on you. How dare you think of taking time just for you?”

When guilt tries to pull that on you, remind yourself of the tense, burned out direction you head in when you don’t invest a bit in self time. Besides the negative impact on your productivity and creativity realize the impact on everyone around you. When you are in that stressed out, grumbling mode other people avoid you. You repel positive people like the opposite negative pole of a magnet. Communications break down and things fall through the cracks. As a result, the productivity and enjoyment of others in their job and in their lives suffer from your guilty, stressed out state.

So please, if you can’t justify getting over the guilt and taking some self-time just for you, then please…do it for the rest of us! We want you to. We need you to. It’s not only okay to put a little self relaxation and fun in your life just for you, it’s actually virtuous. It helps the rest of us.

So plan it right now. At lunch today, take a little 30 minute vacation just for you. Do something else positive for yourself on the way home and again this weekend. You will not only benefit yourself but everyone around you.

If you don’t deserve to be happy, who does?

I was recently watching one of our corporate partners deliver a work-life session to his organization. He made a wonderful point about happiness and the example we set for others. He said,

“Think about the example you are setting for your children and others you care about. Do you want them to be happy and take care of their own physical, mental and emotional well being? Do you want them to forgive themselves when they make a mistake? Well they are watching you. And if you feel too guilty to do things just for you, then you set the example that they should feel guilty when they take time for personal satisfaction and joy. And once learned that will be the lesson that gets passed on and on and on. So who ever gets to be happy? Who deserves it?”

Well the answer to that is we all do, which means you do. And you should be setting the example for others by balancing your life with positive self time. In the process, you should ban long guilt trips. Take a trip to the book store, or to the mall, or the next city… but not to where guilt is. If you just have to take a guilt trip to instill the lesson, make it short!

Remember humans make mistakes. You are human. Treat yourself humanely.

All of us will benefit.


Jim Bird, Publisher

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Easter Gathering

Leah & Lukasz hosted our annual family Easter gathering for my dad's side of the family on Saturday afternoon. It was a fun-filled day full of great food, lots of laughs, egg hunting and catching up with loved ones, and the sun even decided to come out for our celebration!
I love my family! : )

Friday, April 2, 2010

I am a Super Hero!

I was reading this woman's blog today, "They Call me Mommy", and it really spoke to me. She is a witty, entertaining, and honest writer who I totally relate to as a new mom. One of her older posts made me felt both validated and entertained at the same time. Mom's out there (including future moms-to-be and even those who just HAVE a mom), enjoy! : )
Mother's Role - Super Hero
By: Boston's Mama

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

My sister got me good this morning - when she arrived at my house to watch Zoey, she came through the door and said, "Sarah, I just totaled the whole front end of my new car!" Since car accidents are one of my greatest fears, I freaked out and replied, "Just now?!" She quickly replied, "APRIL FOOLS!"...ha! Whew!

I've never been a huge fan of April Fools Day, not only because I'm totally gullible and usually fall for stuff, but because sometimes people do or say really mean things to trick others which doesn't sit well with me.

But Google did something cute and light today in honor of April Fools....haha!