Saturday, July 26, 2008

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!

We'll be camping with the family this weekend up in Lassen County, near Shingletown, CA. My aunt has a cabin and property up there.....should be a fun weekend!

And relaxing too.... ;)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another fabulous weekend....

David and I had such a lovely weekend! We got to spend lots of time with our dear friends - we went dancing at Ruby Skye, attended our friend Andy's baby shower, went out to a yummy dinner at Toomie's Thai here in Alameda, and participated in the AIDS Walk yesterday in Golden Gate Park. It was a full & fun weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adorable, heart warming story! Read on.... :)

"Something really amazing happened in Downtown Spokane this week and I had to share the story with you. [My colleague] Joel is a loan officer at Sterling [Savings] Bank. He works downtown in a second story office building, overlooking busy Riverside Avenue. Several weeks ago he watched a mother duck choose the cement awning outside his window as the uncanny place to build a nest above the sidewalk."

"The mallard laid ten eggs in a nest in the corner of the planter that is perched over 10 feet in the air. She dutifully kept the eggs warm for weeks and Monday afternoon all of her ducklings hatched."

"Joel worried all night how the momma duck was going to get those babies safely off their perch in a busy, downtown, urban environment to take to water, which typically happens in the first 48 hours of a duck hatching."

"Tuesday morning, Joel came to work and watched the mother duck encourage her babies to the edge of the perch with the intent to show them how to jump off!"

"The mother flew down below and started quacking to her babies above. In his disbelief Joel watched as the first fuzzy newborn toddled to the edge and astonishingly leapt into thin air, crashing onto the cement below. He couldn't watch how this might play out. He dashed out of his office and ran down the stairs the sidewalk where the first obedient duckling was stumbling near its mother from the near fatal fall. Joel looked up. The second duckling was getting ready to jump!"

Read on to hear the rest of this amazing duck story!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I love my kitty children!

My babies....

Oliver Twist

My little Aimee-kins

Molly Magoo

Friday, July 11, 2008

"Google" yourself - Just do it!!

If you haven't Googled yourself in awhile, I highly suggest you try it now!

According to a news segment I just watched on "The Today Show", 80% of employers now use the internet to research potential candidates during the hiring process!

Plus, it's just kinda fun to see all the places you've developed a web presence. :)

Step 1: Go to:
Step 2: Type your first and last name in parentheses, i.e. "Barack Obama"

Happy Friday everyone - happy Googling!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sairy Bobblehead - Go Giants! ;)

Click here to see the bobble action! (and be sure to turn up your volume!)

Amused?? You can Bobble yourself too!

Happy 4th of July! Go Giants!

Pics from last weekend (Part 2...SF Pride Celebration!)

My dear friend Cari Lee

A rainbow of protection! ;)

I love my Mr. Diaz

Me and my ladies enjoying the sunshine at Pride

DJ Denise - one of our favorite DJ's from the old skool!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cute pics for the day....

Hope these put a smile on your face! :)