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A New Beginning!

The past year has been an amazing whirlwind for me and my family! The birth of Logan in October opened up an exciting new chapter in our lives and we have been turned inward towards each other in my little family, getting to know Logan, caring for him and watching him grow, nurturing Zoey as she embraces her role as a big sister, and overall adjusting to life with two kiddos! Logan is such a calm, happy baby with an intoxicating spirit! He is full of smiles and giggles and brings so much scrumptious joy into our lives everyday. Logan also brings a much needed sense of calm and humor into our world and balances out the wild, energetic, spirited nature that is Zoey. :) David and I are doing very well, feeling closer than ever and so happy to see our family of four complete. And the best part of all is seeing our two kiddos together! Watching Zoey and Logan play and interact makes my heart soar; it is absolutely precious to watch him squeal in delight when she talks to him, and he watches her intently even when she isn't looking and longs for her attention. He is completely enamored with his big sister and I'm sure he will be for the rest of his life!

I was blessed to have had almost 6 months off work for maternity leave, time which I used to heal, nurse and mother my baby boy, sleep, relax, and fall in love with my son!

Due to not only lack of free time in my life for blogging, but also because my perspective on life has shifted over the last year, my blog will now feature single photos posted with one or two word titles, as occasionally as I feel inspired to post. I am excited about this new challenge! It will allow blogging to be "easier" for me, will force me to stop and appreciate the little moments throughout the day that make me smile, and I know I'll enjoy seeing life through a new lens as I anticipate, experience, and embrace the many moments that will lead to these photos.

Stay tuned!