Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cat vs. Baby

Last night while we were playing on the ground with toys, my kitty Aimee attacked Zoey! In that cat's defense I think she was just trying to play with the edge of the blanket, but sure enough she reached out and clawed Zoey's head and even drew blood! Zoey suddenly stopped moving, her face turned bright red and she went silent for a few seconds, and then out came a high pitched scream. Poor baby! Needless to say we now have to be extra mindful of our cats during playtime, and we must be more vigilant about trimming our kitties claws on a regular basis. I told Aimee to just wait until Zoey is mobile and can grab tails.....she will get her revenge soon enough!

So speaking of cats vs babies, check out this video. : )

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