Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bath Time!

When Zoey was a newborn she was NOT a fan of the bathtub. She would scream and cry and get all red in the face with anger/confusion/discomfort. But now that she's graduated to infant status she actually enjoys her baths! She splashes around and kicks her legs with excitement like a rambunctious little's adorable...and messy! But unfortunately the part that she now dislikes is getting OUT of the bathtub! On most occasions when I pull her out of her baby tub she starts crying and fussing because I think she wants to stay in the warm water! I look forward to taking baths together with Z when she's older and can sit-up on her own. Splish Splash! Oh, and in honor of my favorite bath time song that I sing to Zoey, here's a little Sesame Street entertainment for you!

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