Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zoey meets baby Laila!

My dear friend Jenn recently gave birth to sweet baby girl Laila on January 8th, and Zoey and I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time yesterday! Just like Zoey, Laila made her entrance into the world quite a bit earlier than expected (4.5 weeks to be exact!), so she's quite the teeny, tiny, adorable little preemie! And poor Jen literally had Laila the day before her scheduled baby shower! But luckily she has lots of adoring friends and relatives who've been super generous and supportive, and both mommy and baby are doing great.

Jenn and I had a fabulous afternoon chatting, hangin with our baby girls, and sharing mommy-related stories and adventures! I love that Laila and Zoey are so close in age and will hopefully grow up as close friends and playmates - and it's definitely a perk to have a mommy friend with a little one near the same stage who is there to listen with understanding, support me through the good and bad times, who can share lots of the same joys and milestones, and who I can commiserate with. I love you Jenn and Laila!

P.S. Doesn't Zoey look like a GIANT compared to little Laila??? Ha! Zoey is 3.5 months, and Laila is just under 3 weeks!

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Torrey said...

I love Zoey's face in this picture. She's looking more and more like you, Sair, every day!