Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wonderful baby quote - tearjerker!

The quote below was taken from one of my favorite pregnancy-related blogs that I peruse regularly, "His Boys Can Swim". On a side note, this blog is hilarious and entertaining, and tracks the journey of a young couple throughout their pregnancy with entries from both mom aka "Jane", and dad aka "Tarzan".

“When it is time for your very first snuggle with your very own baby - savor the moment. It’s one of the most magical moments you’ll ever know and once it passes, it’s gone, never to be duplicated.

You may be weary and shaking or wired and floating as you gaze for the first time into the eyes of this tiny stranger whose heart has been beating in concert with your own for the past nine months.

Your baby knows you, your voice, your smell, and wants nothing more than to be cradled close in your arms, held snugly to your breast. Lying with your newborn, there is no pressure to perform, no words to be said, no expectations to be fulfilled. For this little while, this too-brief moment, you can finally rest and allow yourself to simply be.

The person you were, the woman who didn’t know her own strength and doubted her capacity for love is slipping away now, though it may be a while before you truly believe that she’s gone. Try to catch her eye as she leaves, and thank her for taking you this far. Everything you’d dreamed and all that you feared is behind you–and in front of you.

You’re a mommy for real now. You’re a warrior. And this is what it means to be reborn.”

-Sheri Lynch (Hello, My Name Is Mommy)

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