Monday, July 27, 2009

Pregnancy and food.....

So I've always LOVED food...who doesn't love eating, right? One of life's finest, simple pleasures. But honestly, I've never enjoyed eating more than I do now as a pregnant woman! For some reason, food just tastes SO much better and more flavorful...and eating brings me so much joy - ha! I'm not sure if it's because my hormones have actually altered my taste buds (?), or if it's because I'm actually letting myself eat without stressing about calories for the first time in my adult life....but either way, food is my friend! So since I'm thinking of it now, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite foods and strongest cravings. For the record, I loved and craved most of these foods even before I was pregnant (with the exception of orange juice), but the intensity of the cravings have definitely increased! Hungry anyone?!

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The Pason Family said...

isnt the orange juice craving strange! I remember I got this fresh squeezed OJ when I was working from the cafe below my office and I came up and told my coworker... "this is the BEST OJ EVER" haha and she just thought I was nuts!