Thursday, January 3, 2008

I've been slacking on my blog....but I have an excuse!

So after a fun and crazy New Year's eve out in San Francisco partying at the Sheraton with friends, I was hoping to spend the rest of my week relaxing, catching up on some personal projects, and just hanging out with family and friends. But instead....I've been stuck at home sick with a YUCKY case of Strep Throat...ick!

But all of this "down time" has actually served as a lesson for me - I know that I need to learn how to relax and chill out more, to not get so worked up and anxious about things, to stop overcommitting myself, to slow down a bit with going out and partying, and to just BE......

So I've spent the last few days watching lots of daytime TV, reading magazines, playing with my cats, randomly surfing the web, browing through old photos, and sleeping. I guess being sick isn't all bad, right? But I'd never wish Strep Throat upon hurts to swallow almost any type of food or beverage, and I had a fever along with body aches and pains. But I can feel myself slowly getting better now that I'm on antibiotics.

In the meantime, here are some funny pics of our crazy kitty son Oliver and his sisters Aimee and Molly....he had a rough day last week(hehe) - after misbehaving and attacking his poor, innocent sisters, he was "caged" for a time out, and then daddy decided that he needed his claws trimmed...ahh kitty manicure! We had attempted to remove his collar for awhile...perhaps he felt too free and went into spastic mode? Needless to say his collar is back - we need to hear his little bell jingle as a warning! A curious Amy and Molly look on.....

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