Friday, January 18, 2008

My thoughts on January.......and my favorite website of the moment

So I've officially decided that January is my LEAST favorite month of the year. On the contrary, December is full of parties, holiday cheer, happy Christmas music, family get togethers, social gatherings, presents, and FUN. But then January hits and I always feel a little bit blue as I adjust back to life and work after vacation. The weather is too chilly, it still gets dark way too early for my taste, and I always feel the post-holiday "blah's". But I'm hanging in there.....

Luckily I'm an optimist and I have found lots of little ways to improve my mood and to stay positive as best as I can. And cute little animals usually do the trick! While I love randomly surfing the web and have several sits that I visit regularly, CUTE OVERLOAD is currently one of my most fave sites - check it out!

If you're having a rough day or just feeling a bit down, this site is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Here are two recent pics that I just love. Enjoy!

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