Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday @ The Hob Nob....

David and I had a fun-filled, adventurous Sunday afternoon! After I did my new killer workout video, Shape Bikini Body Boot Camp, we ventured out to Park Street in Downtown Alameda for some coffee and window shopping.

We spent quite awhile browsing through two interesting antique stores, checking out all the cool furniture, home decor, old collectibles, and random knickknacks. So fun! And I actually found a very cool lamp for my office at work - I'll take pictures today and post them for your viewing pleasure.

Then after an unsuccessful attempt to go bowling, we decided to head to The Hob Nob to have a drink and play games! Hob Nob is this fun little bar/lounge/cafe here in town where you can grab a drink, have tapas/appetizers, and they have a whole shelf full of board games you can play while hanging out - its so fun and cozy! We played Boggle, Checkers and Connect 4.....and had a wonderful day.

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Haydee said...

Hob Nob is super fun. We should have breakfast there sometime.