Thursday, January 10, 2008

My new job starts this weekend!

So in order to expand my professional network and to develop new skill sets (and to also pick up some extra $$...), I've taken on a part-time contract gig as a Selector for the Oakland Teaching Fellows. And my first selection event is taking place this Sunday, January 13th! I am very excited about this opportunity because it will not only utilize my interviewing and counseling skills in a different capacity, but also have an opportunity to support a cause and a wonderful educational nonprofit that I strongly believe in. In brief, OTF is a highly selective alternative route teacher preparation program that accepts approximately 70 candidates each cycle that become part of a close-knit, supportive cohort. The Fellows complete an intensive summer training program in order to prepare them to begin teaching in Fall 2008. No prior teaching experience is required, but a passion for a commitment to the education is! The Fellows simultaneously work towards earning their teaching credential while working full-time and earning a regular teacher's salary. I think its a pretty sweet gig for the right candidates!

Basically I will be working with a Co-Selector to lead a 6-hour interview day for 6-8 Fellow candidates. Their interview day includes a teaching sample, a group discussion, a writing sample, and a one-on-one interview. My job is to help facilitate all of the day's activities, while simultaneously evaluating each of the candidates. At the end of the day we must fill out detailed reports that comment on all of the interview modules for each of the 6-8 candidates, including a final recommendation as to whether or not we should hire that person. So basically I have a role in selecting future teachers for some of the most needy schools within Oakland Unified School District.....not an easy job!

Wish me luck - I will be a busy yet exciting day I'm sure!

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