Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alien invasion in Lathrop, CA!

During our holiday visit back to the Central Valley, David and I made a Christmas Eve pit stop at the famous UFO Crash Site, aka "The Alien Gas Station" as I used to call it, at the Tower Mart in Lathrop, CA. For those of you who have never been to Lathrop, it is a small town of about 15,000 just West of Manteca and South of Stockton off of HWY 5 (and oh yes, you're missing out on so much!) ;). I remember when this gas station/liquor store was first built back when I was in high created some big excitement for us and was definitely the topic of conversation in this quaint little Valley town!

The following text is taken from the Roadside America website:

"From the gas island, you can spot spindly green ETs whooping it up on the saucer's edge. Inside, it's even crazier -- scores of saucer men are suckered on to every flat surface, scuttling along counters in every aisle, squeezing milk cartons and extracting the yolk from all of our eggs. The other half of the saucer is visible poking through a blistered hole in the ceiling, the craft badly damaged. They won't be going home any time soon...

And why should they? The locals hardly notice now. As far as they know, every grocery store in America looks like this. And the Tower Mart, seizing opportunity, employs images of the cute aliens in all their in-store signs and posters, waving slices of pizza near the frozen foods and juggling meat near the butcher.

Roswell, eat your heart out."

Here are some pics I snapped during our visit:

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curly said...

lol.....that store is sooo cute! and to think i pass it every time i go to twain harte! i'll have to stop by there next time just to see it!!! I LOVED all the pics!!! too cute!!! :o)