Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation is here!!! ;)

So its FINALLY December 21st, and that means my vacation will officially begin in 6 hours! I plan to leave the office early today around 2pm in order to come home and clean up, decorate, and prepare some food for our holiday party tonight. The Career Center will probably be a ghost town today anyway - students finished their finals yesterday and the University will be shutting down all of next week for it is kinda pointless to be at work this afternoon (that's my take on it anyhow..) :)

So beginning tomorrow I will have 16 DAYS OFF!! This is the first real vacation that I've taken since I started working at Berkeley back in August 2006 - so needless to say I'm ready for a break! No big travel plans - I just plan to relax, catch up on some of my creative projects, spend lots of time with family out in the Central Valley, party in the City, watch lots of movies, sleep in, workout, and just enjoy the freedom! ;)

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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