Thursday, September 9, 2010

Out of the darkness......

I literally feel like I've just emerged from a tortuous, evil black cloud of death and doom. Seriously, that's how sick I was. I don't want to over-exaggerate and say that I felt like I was going to die, but honestly.....I almost did. Or at least I felt like I just wanted to end all the pain and summering, all of the nausea and wrenching torture my body was going through. But thankfully I lived through it, and starting last Sunday I slowly felt the seeds of health and wellness beginning to re-sow themselves within my broken body.

It's quite interesting how sinking down to a personal "rock bottom" forces you to look nowhere else but up - out of the pit of despair into something, anything more positive and hopeful than your current state. And ironically, I now feel happier, more grateful, more optimistic about my life than I have in months. Yes, we all face our own personal challenges throughout everyday life, and the outside world continues to stack external roadblocks and restraints on our shoulders. Whether it be financial or economical burdens, health issues, relationship challenges, career stressors, work-life balance is not always a walk in the park for the majority of adult human beings.

However, I feel like this illness gave me an opportunity to develop a refreshed, renewed worldview, a clearer, more optimist viewpoint on my life and my existence. I realized that honestly, I don't have it that bad after all. And to be frank, I am a pretty lucky woman at that. I have an amazing family, a challenging and interesting job with a supportive employer, a pool of wonderful friends and colleagues who support me everyday, a home to call my own and a roof over my head, food to nourish my body, and a beautiful healthy baby girl and a rock-star husband who give me unconditional love everyday of my life.

So at this point I will even venture to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU nasty virus/bacteria/germy ickiness that infected my body! Thank you for helping me to wake up, to break out of my funk, and to develop a more positive mindset and a healthier attitude.

Thank you for allowing me to realize how happy, and how lucky, I truly am.

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kristen said...

so glad to hear you're feeling better!! ...and it's great how hard times can bring perspective. :) hope to see you soon!