Sunday, September 5, 2010

How time flies....

My baby girl is almost 11 months old - where does the time go?! I seriously can't believe we're already planning her 1st birthday party - wow! I was nostalgically looking at old photos today from Zoey's first few months of life and while it does seem like this past year whizzed by, it also feels like an eternity ago that I had a newborn baby as little as Zoey was. She was just 5 lbs, 12 oz when we brought her home from the hospital (she was born 3.5 weeks early), and now I'd venture to guess she's pushing 23-24 lbs! It is so hard to remember her being so little preemie peanut. : ) Here are a couple pictures of Zoey on her first few days home from the hospital last October 2009, and a couple recent pics of her at 10.5 months. How much she has changed!

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aka: D and Shep said...

Yes time flies... SLOW down time! I tried to tell it, we'll see.