Friday, March 6, 2009

Who lives in this nest??

Directly across the way from our living room window and balcony is a big deciduous tree, which is currently bare of leaves due to winter (yet starting to sprout for Spring). The only current signs of life in this tree are random birds that land on the branches, and the snarky tree squirrels that live in our neighborhood.

And there is also this nest. David and I have wondered for quite awhile who this nest belongs to, or if it's even occupied at all. A few weeks ago we saw Mr. Squirrel poking his head into the nest and I was very concerned! How dare he disturb the birds in that nest (if there were any) and disrupt their home! But still, we had never witnessed any birds landing in the nest or even going near it.

Last weekend during one of the many torrential down pours we experienced, David and I began to wonder where the squirrels go at night or during rain storms? Where do they predominantly live and sleep? I decided to research this question online, and low-and-behold we learned that squirrels actually build nests up in trees! So our mystery was solved - this nest belong to our lovely, snarky Mr. Squirrel. I wonder if he has a partner who resides there with him....if so that would be quite a cozy, tight living space. I'll be curious to see if any baby squirrels emerge from the nest later this Spring. : )

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