Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Kitties Say Good Morning!

Oliver LOVES to get under the covers with us in the bed, and this morning we woke up to him snuggling between us....too cute. I wouldn't mind it at all if I didn't have a mild allergy to all the cat hair that gets in our bed....but he's so cute, it's hard to kick him out.

When I was taking this picture of Oliver and David, Misty was VERY interested in the camera, and even stuck out her paw towards me. I think she felt left out, so I took her picture too. :)

And after I got up and fixed my tea, Aimee was sitting on the living room table just like this, with one of her front paws lifted up so daintily....what a silly little cat.

OH, and of course I can't leave out my gorgeous Molly! Yesterday we went down to a local carpet store to browse and talk with a salesman (we're gonna get new carpet soon and wanted to check out some samples and get a quote). As we were leaving, the owner gave us a sample carpet square to take home to test for stain resistance and water absorption, and of course the cats LOVE it. Especially Molly - I think she believes it's her special sleeping throne. : )

Gotta love our kitty congregation!

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