Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's consult the crystal ball....

This has been a very busy, hectic week for me. Between work and personal stuff, I've been quite tired and needless to say I'm so glad its Friday!

Regarding work, my poor students are so stressed and anxious....nervous about graduating into this tough job market, scared about their job search, confused about their futures, unsure about their path, etc. I do my best to offer support, guidance, resources, and hope...but the majority of the work and decision making still falls on the individual. Right? All of us must make our own decisions in life, even when we are confused and overwhelmed. However, many of my clients wish that I could simply tell them what to do with their life, essentially make their tough decisions for them. "What do YOU think I should do?", is a question I get more often than you'd think! Now of course I use my counseling skills to turn that question around and direct it back to my client, but sometimes I wish I could say...."Wow, you're going to let ME decide what career you should do? Ok, cool! How about a blimp pilot? Or a swimsuit model? Or a sanitary worker?? Those sound like interesting careers....", and simply wait for the shocked response. Other times I joke with my clients and say, "Well I don't know, let's consult the crystal ball....", and I motion towards my bookshelf, as their eyes grow big with confusion and curiosity.

Now of course I don't have a crystal ball in my office, but at this point I think I am going to hunt for one! How fun and silly would that be to actually pull it out during a session! Now I don't mean to patronize or minimize the significance of the major decisions and life transitions my clients are facing. I simply wish to lighten the mood, bring some humor into the situation, and help them understand that unfortunately they must make their own decisions, even though it is SO appealing to let others, or inanimate objects, do it for them.

Perhaps some of you have a burning question or a tough decision that's on your mind? Well perhaps this Crystal Ball can help you! May the force be with you... : )

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