Thursday, March 19, 2009

My car made me $325!

I love my Mazda 3. Its sporty, fun to drive (Zoom Zoom Zoom!), and comes with great amenities (heated leather seats, moon roof, Bose sound system, etc)....but it's also roomy and practical for a young couple like David and I. I've had my car since December 2006, and overall I am very happy and content with my Black Beauty!

But who would have guessed that my car would actually help me MAKE money? Well on Tuesday I was invited to participate in a focus group on the topic of car shopping preferences, where we were shown new car models being developed by an unnamed manufacturer. They brought in a diverse group of people who mostly drive other makes of cars, and basically picked our brains about our lifestyle, or passions, or values and priorities, and our motivations that led us to purchase our current vehicle. We also got to share our opinions about these new car models! It was a fun and engaging 90 minute discussion, and I walked away with $125 simply for sharing my opinions!

At the end of the research event, 3 of us from the group were asked to participate in a follow-up study that was to take place at our own home - for an additional $200 bonus! The goal was to further investigate our lifestyle, interests, and priorities as a consumer and car owner. So yesterday, 2 guys from the market research company came over to our condo and interviewed me - they took pictures of my car, all the stuff inside of it, my condo, my CD collection, my closet, my kitchen, and even my cats! It was too funny. They said their goal was to "get inside of my mind" in order to understand my lifestyle preferences and how I've ended up where I'm at today. It was so much fun - heck, who wouldn't love talking about their life and their interests for 2 hours, while getting paid $200!?

So in summary, my lovely Mazda 3 made me $325 over the past two days - and my car payment is now covered for the month! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

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