Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our neighbors...

One of the reasons David and I love our new home so much is because it is SO QUIET, secluded, peaceful, and serene in our condo complex at the end of Shorepoint Court in Alameda. As much as I loved our old apartment right on the beach, it was very LOUD from all the street noise and all the rowdy kids that lived in our complex, and due to the fact that our we were in the middle floor of a 3 story building with paper-thin walls. In our new complex, I honestly think we are some of the youngest residents that live here. I rarely see any of our neighbors (which is actually kinda strange...), and the ones I have seen are mostly elderly people and older couples.

We also have some cute little neighbors that have taken up residence in our complex pool! This adorable duck couple loves to hang out in the grassy area near the pool, and even go for an occasional dip. Too cute. I can't wait until summer comes and we can take advantage of this awesome pool.

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