Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kitty Acne?

Yes, Oliver, our spastic little teenage boy cat, has acne. Last night I noticed that he had black specs on his chin that look like dirt, but wouldn't wipe off. I recalled that a friend of ours had a similar experience with her cat awhile back, and I remembered she said it was kitty acne! So I did some web research, and low-and-behold, that's exactly what it is! It's apparently easy to treat - just wash his chin with anti-bacterial face soap, just like humans would do to treat acne. There are several causes for kitty acne, including bacteria from plastic water/food bowls, environmental changes, and stress. Honestly, I think the latter is causing Oliver to break out.....his new sister Misty is quite the domineering alpha cat, and the poor little guy has definitely been feeling stress lately, from being chased around the house and taunted on a daily basis. Hopefully he'll adjust better in time....

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Torrey said...

and, if you use plastic food/water bowls i think you'll notice a big difference by switching to metal or ceramic bowls. i certainly noticed a huge difference after switching when my little orange stuart had kitty acne. cleaning the food/water bowls with soap and water more regularly helps too.

but, you're right. misty is certainly giving him a run for his money!

poor little oliver with his teenage angst and his kitty acne. : ) =^..^=