Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do I REALLY have 6 cats in my house!?!

The answer is YES....but only temporarily...i promise. :)

Yesterday David and I decided that we just had to rescue the 3 adorable kitties that were living under the deck in my parent's backyard - so we made the drive out to Manteca to pick them up! We think their old neighbors left behind a cat when their house went into foreclosure, and then she had two kittens - which we discovered are just 2-3 months old. The mama is sold grey (and still pretty young herself..maybe 1-2 years old), one baby is an orange/grey/white calico, and the other is solid black with beautiful yellow eyes. And they are sooo cute!

It was quite an ordeal to catch them - the mama (who we are calling Misty) came right up to us, but we had to scramble to catch the little black one, and we even had to use a net to catch little miss calico. But we eventually got them all safe and sound into their cat carriers for the ride back to Alameda.

Then we took them to the vet yesterday to get a checkup and the good news is they're all in great health! Gave them advantage and an oral medication to get rid of the fleas, and now our job is to get Misty spayed and work on finding them good homes. I'd really love to keep the babies together, if at all possible. We would keep them ourselves if we didn't already have 3 cats of our own....otherwise I would really be a crazy cat lady!

Aren't they adorable!?


The Pason Family said...

Oprah said on her animal show yesterday that you can have as many cats you want after you are married. Then nobody can call you "the crazy cat lady" because you already have a husband! HAHA! So keep the cats!!! =)


Torrey said...

the kittens are SO CUTE and the mom is gorgeous! how are molly, aimee and oliver taking the new arrivals?