Friday, December 26, 2008

What a FANTASTIC Christmas!

Even though David had to work on Christmas Eve, and we dealt with some horrid traffic getting out to Lodi that evening, we still ended up having a fantastic Christmas! Our annual family Christmas Eve party at my Aunt Karen's house was so much fun, especially catching up with all my relatives, eating lots of yummy cookies, and playing the White Elephant game with 28 people! Then Christmas morning we had a great time watching lil Hayden open all her presents - I think she enjoyed the wrapping paper even more than the gifts, lol. And we enjoyed a tasty breakfast cooked up by the men - made-to-order omelets and English muffins w/peanut butter & jelly...yum! ;)

Then Christmas day we headed back to El Cerrito for a lovely midday meal with Norma, Gary and David's brother Matt. We got some awesome gifts and had fun teasing Vicky with a Christmas bow tied around her head...hehe. And the holiday was topped off with a hilarious, fun filled evening with our dear friend Cari Lee and her sassy kitty Miss Ginger. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did this Christmas! And now I'm being super lazy today, cuddling with my kitties, sorting through my Christmas presents, looking at pictures, and counting all my blessings. :)

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