Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zoey @ 20 Months

Yes, you read that right....Zoey is 20 months old now! Quickly approaching the age of TWO - a full-blown crazy scratch that,....a crazy LITTLE GIRL! Wow....what "they" say is sooo very true - time flies by way too fast when you're a parent.
But luckily our crazy little girl is an adorable ham, a comedian at heart, a love-bug, a total goof-ball, and a "beautiful handful" as we call her. I love you Zoey! Thank you for filling our life with adventure, smiles, and limitless LOVE! : )

Zoey feet! (nom nom...!)

No daddy, you CAN'T go to school...this is MY "baa-paa" (Back pack) : )

Puttin on a show!

Getting ready for bath time


Playin with Mr......


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doozee said...

so precious! love that Zoey!