Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sicky Poo Zoey : (

So we found out today that unfortunately Zoey has Pneumonia....ick! We thought it was just a bad viral cold/flu type illness, but apparently it was more severe - we just didn't know it. David and I had both been taking turns staying home with her the last few days, and all she's really wanted to do is be held, sleep, and watch a little bit of Elmo and Barney - definitely now her normal, rambunctious self. So this morning we decided to call the doctor again - her fever hadn't really gone down for almost 72 hours, so we took her into the pediatrician this morning and sure enough she was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Hopefully the antibiotics she was prescribed should clear this up in a jiffy. But more bad news - I am feeling pretty sick myself now- body aches, chills, I'm going in to the doctor this afternoon to see what they say - hopefully I don't have it as well! Healthy vibes our way please!

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