Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leah's 30th Birthday!

My family got together yesterday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my sister Leah's arrival into this world - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! It was a beautiful, sunny day and we spent lots of time playing outside with the girls, relaxing on the patio, eating pizza and cake, playing, playing and MORE playing, and yes dealing with a few tantrums and cousin fights (with an overly-tired Zoey and Hayden, it's expected)....but it was a great day overall. :)

Side note: Leah I know your 30th didn't have the WOW factor you might have liked, but at the same time it was a special day to be all together as a family, celebrating YOU. We're so lucky to have each other, even on days that feel a bit stressful or when our girls have meltdowns. :) I was pregnant on my 30th and had a very similar type of birthday (low key, family focused), and in retrospect it was exactly as it should have been. Love you!

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