Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On being a parent...

No matter how many parenting books you read, how many baby-blogs and websites you peruse, or how many other mommies and daddies you talk to before having a child of your own, nothing, NOTHING can ever really prepare you for the amazing journey that is parenthood. To me, it is the most special, heart-warming, exhilarating, challenging, awesome, humorous, humbling, love-induced experience that exists within humanity. Becoming a parent will knock your socks off, enhance and change your life forever, and re-orient your worldview and your priorities more than you ever thought possible. It will shift your values (possibly), bring tears to your eyes and utter joy to your heart, and will rock your world like nothing else. And amazingly, having a child will make your heart expand to a new dimension you never thought possible. I highly recommend it. : )

Zoey will be 18 months old this weekend. 18 MONTHS OLD! That means she's officially been out in the world twice as long as she was living in me. Watching her grow from a tiny 6 pound, nearly pre-mature newborn, into a round, squishy, adorable little infant, into the rambunctious, spirited, love-bug toddler that she is today, makes me proud and speechless. As her personality begins to shine through more and more, I catch myself watching her curiously, lovingly, silently in awe as she explores her world and begins to create an identity and a life all her own. I'm brought to tears on occasion, as I realize that my "baby" is no longer a baby, and when I think about the quickness at which children grow up right before our eyes. But on the other hand, a smile creeps across my face as I see little bits of David come out in her laughter, or a certain nose wrinkle that reminds me of myself. Zoey is the perfect little blend of my husband and I - our best work yet, the ultimate creation we've given to the world as a couple.

Even on days when I'm tired and my energy is squelched, when I'm frustrated with the challenges of the world, or faced with harsh realities like death, fear of failure, and self-doubt, I look at my daughter and I'm reminded how precious life is, how special and amazing the "little things" truly are, and how lucky I am to be alive in this moment with my adorable daughter, surrounded by love and happiness. I quickly snap myself out of my introspective moment, attack Zoey with tickles as she squeals in delight, and I feel at peace.


doozee said...

Yup. Well said, Mama!

kristen said...

i was just looking for the place to "like" this. ;)