Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waffles, crazy hair, Elmo, Sesame Street & Smiles....

...are just some of the many fun things that fill our days and our world as-of-late.
Zoey's hair is growing longer, slowly but surely, and it's becoming wavy and curly at the ends. Some mornings when she wakes up, her hair is standing straight up in silly, wavy strands. Too cute. : )

We don't watch TV that often when Z's awake, but when we do, 99% of the time Sesame Street is our program of choice. I too was a Sesame Street kid, and I forgot how awesome this show is! Zoey gets SO excited when we first turn it on (after pointing to the TV saying "Elmo!"), and then she becomes glued to the screen, so serious and contemplative - hence why we seriously limit her TV time!

But I'm not gonna lie, Elmo is one of the few things that puts a Zoey tantrum to bay almost instantly, and Sesame Street gets instant smiles and happy dances out of my child. Plus it's so fun for all of us to watch, and educational too! : )


doozee said...

oh yep. Gotta love "educational"!!! Sesame Street has us too. I also *LOVE* Signing Time. Have you seen it? You can get a couple of dvd's at the library to test it out. It seriously rocks - and it's ALSO educational!!!

Torrey said...

I was obsessed with Sesame Street when I was little. Oh, and Ellie has that same snuggle bunny onesie. :)

SFSairy said...

Yes Tor, I noticed that Ellie has the same onesie - in a much smaller size I'm sure. : ) I can't believe my "baby" is wearing 18-24mos clothes now! Hugs. : )