Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toddler Eating Habits and Manners.....

....are not pretty, to say the least. For some reason, Zoey eats her lunch and snacks at daycare without a fuss (and eagerly tries all the new, homemade Filipino foods she's given there!), but she's been giving us such a hard time with her meals at home! We're not sure if she just hates being in her high chair, or if she's sick of the food we've been giving her, but whatever the reason, mealtimes have been a battle as of late...ugh. I mean come on Zoey, it's not like we're trying to feed you liver and onions child!! What kid doesn't like waffles, goldfish crackers, macaroni & cheese, and tortellini? Most of her dinner ends up on the floor lately - and you can bet the cats are right there scavenging below her chair for any tasty morsels they can find. Some mornings, however, Zoey does eat some of her breakfast OK for me, but I'm afraid mealtime and playtime are one-and-of-the-same in the mind of our little Zoey.

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