Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep Zoey

The time change last weekend definitely had an effect on everyone in our household. Even though David and I are both "morning people", we've had a much harder time getting up in the morning the past few days. Not only did our bodies have a hard time adjusting to the "new time", but with it being so much darker in the morning, in combination with this dreary, rainy weather we're having, who wouldn't rather be in bed warm and cozy?

As for Zoey, she's had the opposite effect - our sleepy toddler isn't aware of the fact that we're all supposed to "spring ahead" one hour. On the contrary, she's been sleeping an hour LONGER than she used to, and not just because her internal clock knows that the "real" time is. She's literally now sleeping 30-60 minutes more per night than she did just one week ago. This fact has helped with the above struggle I mentioned - hopefully Zoey will keep up that trend throughout the weekend so we can all sleep in!

On Tuesday morning, I actually had to go in and wake Zoey up from her peaceful slumber in order to get her ready for daycare. Beleive me - I could watch her sleep all day and the last thing I wanted to do was wake her up, but alas the realities our our daily schedule forced me to. Sweet sleeping angel of mine. : )


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