Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Happy Hour!

In years past, David and I had an annual tradition of hosting a Holiday Party - a late night, wild fiesta with our close friends, lots of laughter and craziness, and LOTS of fun memories created every year. Last year we opted not to host a party since Zoey was just a 2 month-old newborn....but this year I really wanted to rekindle the tradition, even if that required some modifications. So instead of a big evening party, we held a late afternoon/early evening happy hour - a small get together with just a few friends to celebrate the holiday season. Zoey, Hayden and Marianna had so much fun running around, screaming, and playing like they crazy little girls that they are, and the adults caught of on some much needed conversation while sipping our festive beverages. It was a great time!

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