Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was bitter-sweet for us this year because we lost my Uncle Kenny on Thursday 12/23 right before the holiday. However, we still got together as a family in order to surround one another with lots of love and hugs, and to remember, and to mourn together. And seeing the joy of Christmas through the kids eyes, especially Zoey & Hayden's for me, definitely helped us all to remain positive and to make the most of our holiday together. Despite the circumstances, we still did our best and managed to have a nice Christmas together with the family.

We were up in Lodi at my Aunt Karen's house on Christmas Eve, spent Christmas morning at my parent's with Leah, Lukasz and Hayden, then headed back to El Cerrito on Christmas Day to have a lovely dinner with Norma & Gary, David's mom & Stepdad. Lots of love, smiles and quality family time was had. And now more than ever, I think we're all feeling blessed and extra grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing, lovely family members, and also remembering how precious and fragile life is...indeed.

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