Friday, August 28, 2009

Zoey's Collage!

One of my favorite "crafty" activities is making collages and collage cards. Since I recently acquired a whole paper bag full of magazines in preparation for a work-related event, I decided I might as well use them for a personal project as well. And it was perfect timing because we've been in a creative and decorating spirit lately, preparing Zoey's nursery ready for her upcoming arrival! So I flipped through lots of magazines looking for pretty images and sayings that inspired me, and kept my eye out for clippings that remind me of my growing daughter, my pregnancy experience, and my dreams and hopes for our future life together. I topped it off with some colorful stickers from my collection, and here is the result! I am very proud of this collage and it looks perfect on the wall in her nursery. I hope that she likes it too! : )

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