Friday, August 7, 2009

Execs still get raises as UC cuts staffing & pay : (

I saw this story on the news this morning and it REALLY IRKED ME! While thousands and thousands of UC employees, myself included, are taking pay cuts between 4-10%, over 2 dozen high level execs were just given a pay raise. REALLY!?!
I am so angry right least today is Friday! Read the full article below....
Execs still get raises as UC cuts staffing, pay

(08-06) 19:10 PDT -- On the same July day that the UC Board of Regents cut $813 million from UC budgets - setting in motion pay cuts, layoffs and campus cutbacks - the board quietly approved pay raises, stipends and other benefits for more than two dozen executives.

University officials were quick to characterize the increased pay in a positive light.

"It's really a story about cost savings," said Barbara French, a UCSF spokeswoman, adding that three people on her campus who won hefty pay increases took on new duties and deserved to be compensated.

French said they are all filling in for Chief Operating Officer Tomi Ryba, who left in January and was not replaced, hence the savings. She earned $547,600.

But critics - from janitors to physicians, whose salaries have all been slashed - said that people earning between a quarter million and half a million dollars can afford to take on new duties without extra pay. After all, they said, they themselves are now paid less money for more work.
"These are outrageous actions, taken at the same time as UC has been pleading poverty, giving layoff notices, forcing staff and faculty to take furloughs and hinting at more student fee increases," said library assistant Kathy Renfro, chairwoman of the UC Berkeley Labor Coalition.


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