Thursday, August 20, 2009

The First Lady Wears Shorts - OH MY!?

"Michelle Obama's Short Shorts Spark Long Talks"

I saw this article on MSN and it honestly made me laugh - really people!? Supposedly some conservatives out there felt it was inappropriate for our First Lady to wear shorts out in public....even though she was on vacation with her family in The Grand Canyon in the middle of summer!! And um....her shorts aren't even that short - they are actually quite conservative in my opinion! Maybe if we were living in the Victorian Era I'd understand these comments, but HELLO this is the 21st century people! In general I think that Mrs. Obama has great taste and a very classy style, always wearing something very appropriate yet stylish for her important public appearances. I guess Obama naysayers will take a stab wherever they can....


Torrey said...

I agree... how ridiculous!

Michelle is AWESOME. : )

Anonymous said...

they are just jelous of her legs!