Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Hike in Redwood Regional Park

Sometimes I forget that even though we live in a major metropolitan, there are still so many amazing natural resources and park lands within the Bay Area. Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland hills is no exception!

According to the EB Regional Parks Website, "On Redwood Road, just a few miles over the ridge from downtown Oakland, is a hidden redwood forest whose peaceful groves give little evidence of its bustling past. In the mid-1800s, what is now Redwood Regional Park was the scene of extensive logging to supply building materials for the San Francisco Bay Area. The logging era has long since passed, and a stately forest of 150-foot coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) has replaced those cut down."
With miles and miles of trails lined with beautiful vegetation and bubbling creeks, being in this park literally makes you feel like you're far away in the Santa Cruz mountains, not just a few miles up the hill from Downtown Oakland!

David and I took advantage of this LOVELY warm Spring day to get out for a hike to explore the park! We did an awesome 3.7 mile loop suggested from the Bay Area Hiker website, and loved every minute of it! We stopped along the trail to rest and have a picnic lunch, while listening to birds and watching other hikers, dog walkers and bikers pass by. And of course I took lots of photos to capture our lovely day.

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