Thursday, September 20, 2012

Broken Z... :(

So most of my blog readers are also my FB friends, so you've probably already heard the news that Z broke her arm at preschool last week. Ya first I was concerned and upset, but the more I thought about it I realized that accidents happen, and whadyagonnado? Zoey LOVES her preschool more than words can say, and we couldn't be happier with the care she is getting there. And they get to do so many amazing activities like cooking, dance, Spanish, and music classes! We don't feel that this accident has anything do do with the quality of the care and love she gets from her teachers and peers. Ya are kids....adventurous, curious, independent, free-spirited, daring (at least mine is!), and accidents will happen every now-and-then no matter how much we keep our eye on little ones. Luckily Z's break is fairly common and "routine" from an orthopedic standpoint. She has what they call a "green-stick fracture", meaning her bone bent and fractured but didn't crack completely. And given how young she is and how fast kids heal, she should be out of her cast in the next 3-5 weeks without any lasting issues. She's such a trooper, and believe it or not I think she's starting to like her purple cast!

This accident did remind me though how fragile little Z is, and how much we have to be careful (not just with our kids, but in general!) Even though she's a "big girl" now, she is still a baby in many ways (at least my baby!) And it's a good reminder to be careful, cautious when necessary, and to think ahead as parents. We're not invincible no matter how much we might feel that way at times.

Way to go're such a trooper!

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