Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gym Tots!

Zoey LOVES her Gym Tot's gymnastics class at Head Over Heels! Her teacher Coach Sam is super sweet and so great with the kids, and it's so cool to see Zoey interacting nicely with a group of other kids her age and actually listening! (well, sometimes). I just wish Zoey was a bit more focused and attentive during the classes, but I guess I can't blame her for getting distracted when there's so much FUN stuff all around her. We'll definitely be coming back for another class in the future - maybe later this Fall once Z turns 3 and is ready for the "Gym Tumblers" class, and when her 2-year old moodiness has subsided a bit. :) I highly recommend this place for your little ones and grown-up-kiddos of all ages too!

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