Monday, December 19, 2011

Scary Day - Fire on Shorepoint Court

Fire in Alameda

Saturday morning started out very peacefully - we got up around 7am, had breakfast while listening to Christmas music, and then took Zoey to Story-time hour at the Alameda Library. On our way home we were planning to stop by the grocery store to pick up a few things; but as we headed back across the island we saw a huge plume of black smoke coming from the area right near our home! So we rushed back towards our condo, and sure enough one of the apartment buildings on our street was engulfed in flames. It was so scary and surreal - we watched as windows shattered, bright orange flames overtook the building, black smoke filled the air, and people fled and evacuated in fear as the firemen attempted to control the blaze.

Two ladder rescues had to be made, but luckily nobody was hurt. But after the fire was finally out, 20 families - upwards of 60 people, are now displaced from their homes. So sad. We are just very grateful for our brave Alameda firefighters, and so glad that nobody was injured.

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