Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby-Free Weekend

David and I are head-over-heels in love with our daughter, but we're also young adults who like to spend time together as a couple, and we're tired! : ) So my wonderful parents agreed to take Zoey for the weekend so we could have a break and catch up on our sleep and some projects around the house. We had a fantastic time, and I know Zoey did too - not only because Grandma & Grandpa Backes are sooo much fun, but also because Cousin Hayden was there as well! I'm sure my mom and dad are exhausted today, but also basking in the joy of grandparent-ly love and pride. : )

David and I took advantage of our free time to go out to dinner both Friday & Saturday night, caught up on sleep, completed lots of errands and home-improvement projects, went wine tasting at an awesome winery here in Alameda called Rock Wall Wines, and enjoyed a lovely picnic and hike out on Bay Farm Island Saturday afternoon (and what gorgeous weather we had too!). It was a much needed weekend together. : )

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Torrey said...

I love that you two had this weekend!

We just had a weekend like this, but it was in preparation for our daughter's arrival and the awareness that weekends like this might be few and far between for quite a while. :)