Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My little girl is growing up!

If you're a parent as well (or an auntie, an uncle, a nanny, etc...), you know how fast our little ones grow, change, and morph into toddlers, children, and then young adults....scary! I can already see the shift happening in Zoey, the transition from "babyhood" to "toddlerhood"...and it's happening so rapidly, right before my eyes. Some days when I get her up in the morning, I take a deep look into her eyes and analyze her beautiful face, and I can literally see changes that occurred over night - I'm not kidding. While on one hand it's amazing and breathtaking, it is also kind of scary too - I always joke that before I know it, she'll be asking to borrow my car keys - ha! But yes, we still have to get through walking, potty training, and starting school first, among many other crucial milestones. : )
Chillin on the couch with mama

Look at those chompers!

Wearing my pretty, fuzzy new outfit from Auntie Claudia - it finally fits me now Auntie! : )


Mitzie said...

That first pic of her sitting on the couch is SO cute!! All of them are cute but that's my fav. What's she up to these days? crawling, walking?

SFSairy said...

Zoey is crawling up a storm, starting to pull up and just beginning to take steps along the furniture. It's crazy! Walking is not far off, I can tell! How bout Charlie?