Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adventures in Camping: Update & Pics

So.....camping turned out to be quite a challenge with baby Zoey. One one hand she did LOVE being outdoors in the forest - watching the trees, the birds and the wind with happy, curious eyes. She was also mesmerized by the campfire, and literally wanted to jump in - ha! : ) But sleeping in the tent was a no-go. I had to wear her in the Ergo as we walked loops around the campground for her afternoon nap on day 1, and it took her over 3 hours to finally settle down to sleep on Saturday night....not fun. We even tried to take her into our bed with us, cuddled between us in our sleeping bags, but the crazy little girl was just babbling and blowing raspberries for 30 minutes before we realized she needed to be in her own bed. So after swaying my 21.3 pound baby side to side for about 20 min (yes, my arms were on fire!), she finally fell asleep and I was able to transfer her successful to her porta-crib. She did sleep well after that, but was then fussy all morning in camp. So we made the executive decision to pack up early and head home. Oh well, at least we tried! Hopefully she'll do better next summer....heck, by then she'll be a rambunctious toddler rolling around in the dirt! : )

Here are a few pics from our short camping adventure in Big Basin.

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