Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sandcastles & New Toys!

David, Zoey and I decided to check out the local Alameda Sandcastle Contest this weekend, and as always we were impressed with some of the unique, talented creations constructed out of sand and clay. We walked over to the beach and Zoey just loved being out-and-about in the sunshine amongst all the people and activity. She especially loves watching other kids - she gets so excited, flails her arms and legs, and makes "hooting" if to say "Oooh, I want to play too!" Someday soon Zoey. : )

And speaking of playing, David got Zoey a new toy from Babies R'Us...and she LOVES it! An interactive activity bench that teaches colors, animals and counting with lights, sounds, and music. It even teaches her Spanish too. It is so fun to see her react to new stimulating objects and living my own childhood all over again through my daughter's eyes. (And notice her little tongue sticking out...that is her new "thing" that she does, especially when she is concentrating. haha!)

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Queen Mother said...

Wow, those sandcastles are AMAZING!!!
Zoey is adorable as always =)