Friday, May 21, 2010

Holy Hail!

I have been fascinated by weather since I was a little girl, which is directly attributed to my father and HIS fascination (or obsession, really) with tracking, observing, and analyzing weather patterns. I remember vividly several occasions when he quickly packed up my sister and I in the VW bus and headed off to chase a! Although he had a successful career as a firefighter, I believe he missed his true calling by not becoming a meteorologist. Maybe in your next life Dad.

: )

Anyhow, David showed me this video last night and I was speechless! Can you imagine being caught outside in a hailstorm like this?! Getting hit with a ball of hail that big could be deadly, don't you think?! Or at least hurt a hell of a lot! Baseball...or maybe even cantaloupe sized hail means, in my opinion, that Mother Nature is ANGRY!

Isn't this insane?!

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