Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Berkeley, how I've missed you!

It feels great to be back to work at UC Berkeley. Now that I've been back from maternity leave for 2 days, I remember why I love this city and this campus so much! The vibrant diversity of people, cultures, food options, smells, sights and excitement around every corner! Ok yes, maybe I have been cooped up with my baby for 5 months and I'm easily entertained, but still.....there is no other place quite like Berkeley! : ) I love how I can walk down to Shattuck Avenue just one block from my office and have at least 10+ options for different culinary delights, how I can run to CVS, Starbucks, the post office, a bookstore, and the shoe repairman (just to name a few services!) within a quick coffee break, and never be left bored during a walk around the block at lunch given all of the unique characters that populate the streets Downtown.


Queen Mother said...

Your post made me laugh, because I am SCARED of Berkeley! I think it's so weird and I felt scared for my safety every time I have been there!

SFSairy said...

Well I'm a liberal who loves the crazy diversity (in all respects) that Berkeley offers. Nothing to be scared of IMHO....but lots to be entertained and intrigued by! : )