Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So as I look back on 2009 and ponder about my blog, I realize that the majority of my recent posts have been about two topics: my baby and my cats. Not that these aren't FASCINATING subjects for all of you I'm sure :), but at the same time there is so much more to me and my life these days that I don't really share with my readers. Now that I'm a mother of an infant, my time is so much more limited - between caring for Zoey all day (feedings, playtime, naps, diaper changes, etc.), trying to get her on somewhat of a "schedule"(ha!), attempting to do basic chores and errands, keeping up with family and friends, and trying to find some "me" time for's no surprise that writing daily blogs is no longer on the top of my priority list.

So alas, posting pictures instead of writing blog text is much more quick and easy, especially since I'm taking so many photos of Zoey already. But to be honest, I miss writing, and I miss sharing more of my random life and my random thoughts with the world. So one of my goals for 2010 will be to WRITE blogs more often, not just post photos of Zoey (as convenient as that would be). Of course you will still get to see pics of my baby girl because....well she IS cute, and she IS the focus of my life these days. But I hope to get back to writing more regularly because I re-realize what a joy and an outlet it is for me.

So what other things have I been up to? Well the little bit of free time that I have for myself has been centered around exercise in attempts to lose my extra baby weight. I am only about 7 to 8 pounds from where I was before I got pregnant, but I would like to lose around 10-15 pounds so that I can get back into my pre-baby pants and feel better about myself. Even though the weather has been chilly the past month, I've been getting out for walks and jogs about 3-4 times per week, or alternatively doing workouts from Exercise TV or home circuit training. Luckily I love exercise and it makes me feel better both physically and mentally, and honestly a 30-40 minute jog along Alameda Beach feels like a vacation after being cooped up inside with Zoey all day. I feel truly blessed to live where I live, because without the close proximity to the beach and a park I would probably not feel as motivated to get out of the house for some cardio.

I've also been reading parenting magazines and watching a lot of TV....intellectual daytime programming on TLC, Bravo and Style like Super Nanny, Cake Boss, Tabitha's Salon Takeover, What Not to Wear, A Baby Story, and 18 Kids and Counting, just to name a few. : ) I've also been working on Zoey's baby book, documenting her milestones and all the exciting details of her earliest weeks of life that I know I'd forget otherwise. I've also been doing my best to keep up with my closest friends, scheduling at least a couple get-togethers and visits each week...because even though my life is busy, I want and need to keep my friendships strong, and I also crave adult conversation and connection throughout my day! I still enjoy cooking and baking, although we've been opting for easier meals these days due to time constraints. And lastly I recently joined a Meetup group called Alameda Hip Parents and Kids, and have attended a couple of play dates hosted by a woman who lives about 3/4 mile from me. It has been so wonderful to connect with other young mothers and to meet some new friends, to hang out with other cute babies and kids, and to share stories and get advice and tips from one another. I look forward to getting more involved, especially as Zoey grows older and becomes more active.

In retrospect, 2009 was NOT a good year for David and I. I won't rehash all the details because it simply isn't worth the energy, but we both have faced some work-related struggles, financial issues, health concerns, friendship challenges, car troubles, etc. But luckily the year is ending on a more positive note, especially with the birth of our healthy, happy baby Zoey. We both look forward to 2010 with hope and anticipation for better things to come. Here's to health, happiness and growth in 2010! Cheers!

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Mitzie said...

2010 is going to be an awesome year! Can't wait to read your blogs. I do love the cat and baby pics though.