Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to Susanville

So last Saturday 5/17/08, David and I made the trek up to Susanville, CA, the town where his grandmother had lived for the past 40+ years. Ruth Buffon was an amazing, strong-willed, funny little lady who will be missed very much. We spent most of the day on Saturday sorting through the closets in her cute 2-story home, combing through and organizing boxes of her stuff - momentos, memorabillia and memories. And we got a chance to visit the gravesite where David's grandparents are both burried is a beautiful site and it felt like closure to be there. Here are a couple of pics from our trip this weekend, and a couple of older pics taken with Ruth that I just love. Susanville is pretty far away (up in the mountains about 5 hours from the Bay), but it is a beautiful drive to get up there!

Beautiful view from the Highway...

Lovely meadows & Mt. Lassen in the background...

Ruth & Oliver - too cute!

We will miss you Ruth!

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