Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh my poor Molly Magoo.....

So this morning I am feeling very sorry for my kitty Molly - she undergoes so much abuse the poor thing! Her brother Oliver is a total spazz who loves to attack his sister on a regular basis....simply because he CAN. I know that his intentions are simply to "play" and exert his kitty power in the household, but poor Molly takes the brunt of his Cat-itude! He is such a boy on so many levels; the annoying little brother who pulls your hair, the bratty boy in your grade school class who calls you names and chases you around the playground, etc. That is my Oliver. Don't get me wrong, he is also ADORABLE and can be the most loving, snuggly, innocent lap kitty at times, but more often than not he is up to some kind of trouble.

So today's blog is to honor and appreciate my loving, amiable, passive, peace-loving kitty Mrs. Molly Magoo. May your day be full of uninterrupted napping, happy kitty dreams, and minimal terrorizing from your siblings... :)

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